10 Games For Your Next Road Trip

Cows & Graveyards

OK, this one is a classic, albeit morbid, road trip game. Split into teams down the center of the vehicle, and if there is an odd number, the person stuck in the middle seat gets to pick their team. The Right-side team looks for cows on the right side of the road and graveyards on the left side. The Left-side team does just the opposite. Every cow you count on your team’s side gives you a point, and if you see a graveyard on the other side, the other team has to bury all of their cows and start over. Pick a town along the way as the finish line, and whoever has the most cows when you get there wins.

Welcome Center Game

This is a great one for a state you are just passing through. Stop at the welcome center and give everyone ten minutes to find a brochure from a place you would never visit. It could be funny, creepy, or just plain odd. There are always a few of these gems hidden in the stacks of pamphlets. (You are allowed to enlist the help of any volunteers or workers at the center, but you have to present yourself as genuinely interested in the strange attraction, which usually turns into a fun little sub-game I like to call “See Who Can Freak Out the Locals.”) Once back in the car, present your attraction to the group, and pick a winner.

Would You Rather

A great game with no real winner, but typically funny and insightful conversation, and really easy to play. Take turns asking your fellow travelers to pick between two scenarios. You could make them pick between two pleasant options, or two not-so-pleasant options. Finding out what someone would pick when forced to choose between the ability to fly or be invisible will tell you a lot about a person.

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